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Form Backup


Form Backup Module
Form Backup Module
The Form Backup module lets you back-up or make exact copies of your forms. It provides a simple interface to let you copy the form, form submissions, form Views and email templates. You can pick and choose what aspects you want copied, as shown in the screenshot to the right. This can be an extremely useful if you need to roll out multiple, identical forms and don't want to have to go through the Add Form process for each. Also, it can be a useful way to take "snapshots" of your form configurations and data so that it's available later for reference or archiving purposes.

The module has changed very little since it's original version, however, the "Settings" page is only available to version 1.1.0 or later.

By and large, the module's functionality and usage speaks for itself: but there is one possibly unexpected behaviour you should know about.


Form Tools stores files directly on your server in a folder, not inside the database. The database only stores the filenames. So, when you make a backup of a form, the files are NOT copied: both forms will then refer to the same file. If you delete a file from one form it will "orphan" it from the other. In other words: the other form will still contain a reference to it, even though the file doesn't exist.

Similarly, if make a backup of a form then delete the original one and choose to delete all the uploaded files, the backed-up form will only contain references to the deleted files.

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