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Form Tools 1 Data Import

This module was written to help people upgrade from Form Tools 1, letting them port in their existing client and form data for use in Form Tools 2.

Even though they share the same name, Form Tools 2 is a very different script from Form Tools 1. Superficially, the two programs share a lot of the same functionality and appearance, but under the hood things are substantially different. These differences include:

  • All webpages are now generated with Smarty templates rather than intermingled the PHP & HTML. The pages are now rendered via themes rather than custom CSS for each client account.
  • The software now has a component-based architecture, letting you install separate modules to complement the Core script with whatever additional functionality you require. The components are: themes, modules, translation files and the API (Application Programming Interface). The last item was written for developers wanting to use Form Tools code in their own pages)
  • "Code submissions" are now handled via a separate API function, rather than with the process_code.php file.
  • The email templates no longer allow for embedded PHP, but let you add Smarty logic for the same result.

Before you decide to upgrade, please read the following two pages on the module's requirements and limitations. You need to know what information will be lost if and when you choose to upgrade. Unlike previous versions, upgrading is not as simple as running the module. You will be required to do additional configuration either with your web forms themselves, or just with the Form Tools 1 process.php file.

One final note: this module is non-destructive. It will NOT affect your original Form Tools installations files or data. This seemed the safest approach. It gives you time to test and configure Form Tools 2 to your liking, prior to fully going "live" and making the switch to using the new version.


MySQL errorJorge Cabrera at Feb 12th 10, 10:49 AM
I'm trying to import all data from a 1.5.1. installation.
In Step 1 (Import Form Settings) I'm getting the following error:
Sorry, we couldn't import your old form. MySQL gave the following error: Unknown column 'user_email_field' in 'field list'
However, the user_email_field column exists in the ft_forms table.
Any suggestion?
"user_email_field column exists" errorBen Keen at Feb 14th 10, 11:05 AM
Hi Jorge,

Hmm.., it sounds like you're using either an old version of this module or the Form Tools Core itself. This was a problem that was fixed with v2.0.0 of the Core + v1.0.0 of this module. In your Settings -> Main tab, click the "Check for Updates" button and upgrade both. After that, the problem should go away!

- Ben
Compatible with 2.1.1 ?liberio liberio at Sep 13th 11, 8:43 AM
Hello folks,

Are you expecting to make this addon compatible with 2.1.1 version of Form Tools ?

Again, nice job !

Thank you.
FT 2.1.x compatibilityBen Keen at Sep 13th 11, 12:01 PM
I'm afraid not! It's such a lot of work making everything backward compatible, this module only lets you upgrade to 2.0.x.

Sorry about that -


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