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Reports, made simple

Report Builder: main reports page
Report Builder: main reports page

One feature we've had requested again and again from our clients was to add a "Reports" page that listed all available reports. When we added Views in Form Tools 2.0.0, this provided exactly that, but from a usability perspective, we found that most of our clients simply didn’t realize that Views == Reports. They wanted a single page that listed all Views, but couched in an immediately familiar term: "Reports"; they wanted that page to contain all the various export options they needed (HTML, Excel, CSV etc) available as a single click away. In effect, they simply wanted an alternative, simpler interface to Form Tools Views, making their job of navigating and understanding the program that much simpler.

Hence the Report Builder module!

Report Builder: reports dialog
Report Builder: reports dialog
From a usability perspective, this module is a very nice addition. Now, on the Submission Listing page you can choose to have a small reports icon appear which, when clicked, opens up a list of all reports (Views!) for the form and user account in a simple dialog window. It's attractive and simple to understand and use.

The following pages explain the various functionality of the script, the available settings and how it appears in the user interface.

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